It’s been a crazy week.

In the same week our business underwent a significant infrastructure upgrade, the neighborhood I live in did too.

Can you say digital hell?

First, let me explain the business side of things.

Being the progressive company we are, we knew it was time to upgrade our data services to the cloud.

Once we decided who we would use, we were introduced to something called Cloud Migration.

Cloud Migration is the process of transferring or relocating all of our applications, digital assets, services, and other general IT resources onto a cloud.

Needless to say, we are not in Kansas anymore.

Anyway, we were promised the changeover would be smooth and with minimal downtime, so we eagerly proceeded.


Although nothing with technology goes smooth, the guys who handled it were fantastic. After two days of outages and frustration, we were finally back to normal.

Whatever that is.

Now for the home front.

The neighborhood that I live in made a choice to change their cable service provider and the changeover was once again promoted as “minimal downtime.”

Well, of course, it did not go exactly that way.

From the initial sign up meeting, which had over 600 homeowners waiting in line to decide what service they wanted, to the actual switch over day, the entire process was like being in absolute isolation.

So here we were, left to spend a whole day without internet and TV services.

Can you imagine that?

Finally, I arrived home the other night and our DirecTV had been disconnected.

Now this is what I call a crisis!

After a few calls, the service was reconnected and when asking the attendant on the phone what happened, he replied, “there really is no answer, just a computer glitch”.

I guess the moral of the story is that we are all hooked and can’t live any other way.

Like it or not, we are forever connected to our toys and devices that run our lives.

It all reminds me of a bit by one of my favorite comedians, Louis CK’s “everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy”.