(A parent’s perspective of their sons wedding)

Today is my son Marc’s one week wedding anniversary.

Last Saturday morning, the entire Nudelberg clan, and many friends and relatives, descended on St. Augustine, FL to celebrate the marriage of Marc and Rachel.

The months and weeks leading up to that day were filled with many emotions, ranging from the obvious excitement to overwhelming reflection, dating back to the day he was born.

And then, just like that, they were saying their vows to each other.

That moment was unlike any moment I have ever experienced.

It was like time was suspended and then lifted me out of my body to take me on a journey to review the past 27 years.

Talk about the Twilight Zone?

Here I was in a room filled with the most important people of my life and I was off on a magic carpet ride to yesteryear.

And what a ride it was!

As a proud father, all of the memories from when he was born, (bonus fact:The Mets won the World Series that year) to graduating high school, to coaching with Bobby Bowden (and playing drinking games every time we saw him on TV), to seeing him now standing their as a college football coach, great friend, great man, and soon to be husband.

Oh boy!

So they said their vows and, just like that, this parent’s life was changed forever.

It was a magical night filled with beauty and romance, yet when I awoke on Sunday morning, I was left with the most confusing emotion of my life.

Happy about all things wedding related, including officially welcoming Rachel into our lives, then actually somewhat sad about the realization that my little boy was now a man; a man with his own family.

Truth is, I know I am very fortunate to share an incredible relationship with my son and, while I know that that will never change, the reality of this new stage in his life left me at a loss for words (and eyes full of tears).

Imagine that.

And that’s what Nudelberg says!