Do we really have to appreciate?

I’m talking about all this technology.

Today, as I write the latest installment of Nudelberg says, I am fresh off a day spent updating and upgrading all of the tools that supposedly have made my life easier.

I awoke to all the news that the new Apple i6 was available for delivery, and that many had spent days and nights waiting in line to receive it.


Now, while I do admit that the switch from my old Crackberry was a positive one, the thought of camping out to be the first to get a new phone is mind boggling to me.

I’m not sure of the exact history of iPhones, nor am I exactly sure which one I am using, all I know is that there is always some conversation about new hardware, new operating system, new upgrade etc..just when will the madness end.

So back to my day spent on technology.

After receiving an email from one of my co-workers that contained an attachment that I could not open(how often does that happen to you?) I was informed that I needed to upgrade my Mac operating system to Maverick.

So together with my trusted Executive Coordinator and technology guru, Shea, we started the process.

While sitting there waiting and staring at this big X on my screen (which scared the shit out of me), he noticed that I had not upgraded my iPhone operating system, and shared with me that I was two upgrades behind.

I figured why not, so while feeling especially adventurous , we engaged in the upgrade from my system which I think was iOS 4, to 6 to 8.

Sure bring on the changes!

Just how this is going to make my life easier I couldn’t tell you.

It was almost comical, just sitting there, watching my big screen ( MacBook Air) blank while updating, my small screen (iPhone) blank while updating, and me feeling as if I had entered the twilight zone.

I wasn’t exactly sure what do, as I had no way to check email, texts, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc….

And then it occurred to me, it was really the first minutes of peace I had experienced in years.

Interestingly, a trend has started emerging amongst all of this technology madness; parents are now sending their kids to schools that don’t use any gadgets at all.

A New York Times article on parents, working in Silicon Valley (also known as the hub of technology in homes), talks about these parents consciously sending their children to schools that follow the Waldorf style of teaching. Waldorf schools rely on simple tools: pencils, knitting needles, or even mud rather than video games, apps, and e-readers to teach modern school lessons.

Remember those days?

In the end, my computer was updated and I was quickly back to banging the keys, my iPhone was upgraded and I have now have access to all of my new apps and new functions and features, and all is good, right?


In all this technology shuffling, somehow or someway, my contacts did not transfer. Years worth of info, lost in space, suspended in the cloud.

I am told that, our new cloud provider has everything backed up and that on Monday all should be restored to normal.

So help me out, what is normal??

And that’s what Nudelberg says!