I guess that my little hiatus worked.

The response to my last blog was overwhelming and for that I am grateful.

Just goes to show you, genuine is good.

For those of you that read it and shared your thoughts, you would remember that it was the advice of a friend that led me to it.

In that vein, I give you a different perspective from a friend.

It too is genuine and from the heart, and is further validation of why I do what I do.

Thank K-Man, I am so proud to have you as a friend, and proud of the man you have become and will always treasure the great times we had together.

So, without further adieu, here are his comments.

Fasten your seatbelt, it’s worth the ride.

Nudelberg Says what I have been thinking… (Written by Mark Kaminsky)

Like so many others, I take in my dose of your Blog and appreciate the effort and wisdom that you pass along.

I have read each and every one of them, but this past one; “Blog, Blog, Blog” was your finest piece of work with likely the least amount of effort.

Now, don’t take that the wrong way, but the purpose you put into your blog requires thought and selective articulation with your words.

We all read it with anticipation that there’s a lesson and a message we should adhere to. But this past one was the Steve I know; “unfiltered” and “human”…

Our story for those who care… I was a young 22 year old, 3 days out of college from the University of Arizona (always plug your alma matter) still with my mullet, looking through the classified section in the local newspaper for job openings.

This innovative company at the time was looking for salespeople to sell a novel product called a

cellular phone with a minimum asking price of $3001.00. I answered the ad from ABC Cellular and received a landline call back to come in for an interview.

My Dad took me to M Sterling’s that night to get fitted for an Armani suit.

I showed up and was escorted upstairs to meet with the Vice President of Sales, Steve Nudelberg and the Managing Owner, Randy Simon. To spare some potentially very embarrassing and classic details about that interview, I got the job and was told by Steve, “Shadow me kid, you’re my guy and we’re gonna own this town”…

For the next 7 years, we, along with a heckuva supporting cast, revolutionized the art of selling and with the latitude and autonomy, became the largest cellular phone dealer in the country.

We were surrounded by hundreds of salespeople that came and went on to have very successful careers all with Steve at the helm.

Suffice it to say and I have no problem admitting this but I was the Robin to Steve’s Batman persona.

We killed it!

We did business with every major corporation in South Florida dealing directly with the CEO’s on down.

We met for breakfast every morning at Bagel Bar West at 6:30am and worked until all hours in the evening, trying to keep up with the demand of the fastest growing product in the technology industry.

He and I formed a brotherly relationship and became best friends, even anointing each other as Godfather’s to each other’s kid. We had the time of our lives and if I may steal and alter the line;

“What happened at ABC, stays at ABC”

Fast Forward to this past Friday night:

Steve and I had yet another night to remember, hamming it up with no agenda.

Our conversation and drinks were flowing as usual and yet I marvel at the content we dialogued about because it was merely a copulation of the passion, wisdom and insatiable desire to succeed within our respective businesses.

Almost 20 years removed from last working together regularly, we hadn’t skipped a beat.

Today Steve owns and operates a hugely successful marketing company (On The Ball Marketing) whereby he is precisely positioned as the top connector providing leading companies the necessary tools to take their business to their highest levels they couldn’t possibly get to, without his firm.

I have nurtured a 16 year career in Real Estate, at times launching and mentoring hundreds of Realtors into very successful careers. Aside from managing in 4 different offices during my tenure, I launched my Coaching company (tradeMARK Coaching) two years ago and it’s by far my most rewarding adventure.

How ironic that after all this time, he and I are practicing what we preached for all these years and now coaching others to take on the very best practices we either created or refined.

Nah… not ironic at all.

We simply went from Batman and Robin, doing it together to now Parcells and Belichick, (I think only sports fans will get that analogy) succeeding separately.

Back to your most recent Blog:

Steve Nudelberg, I owe you a debt of gratitude for taking me in and showing me the ropes when I was just a kid with a mullet.

I want to thank you for admitting that setting unattainable goals will hunt you down in time, with prevailing disappointment.

I want to thank you for letting us all off the hook and reminding us to take the advice of those residing outside our fishbowl.

Your unnamed friend told you to write when you have something to say and so that is why I chose now to take one of your spots to blog.

For all of you reading this, I have something to say:

Pay close attention to what Nudelberg says because he’s a brilliant proven voice with a wealth of content that any and all of us can benefit from.

I advise you to take notes and execute what Nudelberg says.

To those at the top of your careers, I say you’re not there yet just because you think so.

Look into how and why you got there and I am willing to bet there’s a story very similar to mine that got you started.

So if that worked then, why stop now?

Seek out your best advisor, mentor or coach and hire them on the spot!

We succeed only because we are willing to continue our growth.

Now for my admission of dishonesty: Although we tied one on like old times Friday night, I did have an agenda, but Steve didn’t know it.

I simply needed “unfiltered” and “human” Steve and had I told him that, I may not have received what I sought after.

I got exactly what I was looking for and that my friend(s) is what Kaminsky Says!!!

And Nudelberg is now speechless! (imagine that)