As I sit here sipping my decaf coffee, (yup, been off caffeine for a year now) enjoying the wonderful SOFLA weather, reflecting on the year that was, one major thought keeps jumping into my head, “how does it get better than this?”

It was over 3 years ago when Michelle, (if you follow me on any social media channels, she is the blonde with me all the time) taught me that saying.

Her philosophy was that no matter what happens, if you commit to using this statement, both the good and bad things that happen to all of us, will indeed, get better.

As we wind down 2014 (boy that went fast!) and before we once again look to rev the engines for another new year, I am going to take time out and reflect.

Here goes:

On the Ball has continued to grow, both in the business and in the community.

Last December we made a corporate commitment that we needed to give back in order to get more.

Others in the market like Joe Eppy, Andy Cagnetta, and Bob Birdsong, all OTB friends and clients, have been great role models for this philosophy and for that we are grateful.

Our involvement in Andy’s Pasta Dinner, March of Dimes, Leadership Broward, ARC Broward, and

others has produced riches far beyond that which we can count, …”how does it get better that this?”

On a professional level, I have been fortunate enough to see our management team grow in numbers, as well as in spirit.

Michelle, Zack, and Giana have fully embraced the entrepreneurial spirit that burns deep in our culture while Harry has given us the big corporation leadership and advice needed to get us to the next level.

Specifically, it has been awesome to see Michelle develop her network in the marketplace.

Bringing her entrepreneurial experience along with her style and grace were just the right ingredients to add to our team. I congratulate her as a Women of Distinction and as the best thing to happen to us a long while. She is truly a role model for all women in business.

Zack has developed into a true sales dynamo, really and truly taking our “Arrangemenship” service to the next level.

I have been fortunate to see his personal and business life just explode like only a few others ever do. I can’t wait to see what happens next for him (maybe a wedding?).

Giana, a budding entrepreneur and recent MBA grad, has helped solidify our client services and relationship management, has offered a fresh new perspective, all while running one of our sister companies, On the Book.

And finally, Harry Schulman, what can I say?

Guess what happens when you add a guy I have known and respected for over 30 years , a guy that had previously led an $800 million company, to lead our New Ventures division? Great things, that’s what!

“How does it get better than this?”

Wait, there’s more. This year we added a Director of M.I.H.

What’s that you ask?

It stands for Making it Happen and he has been a driving force in supporting all of our efforts. No excuses, he just gets it done! Shea, you are the man!

Seriously, “how does it get better than this?”

In addition to my amazing team, our business allows us the opportunity to partner with other incredible, innovative, and ground breaking entrepreneurs.

I have traveled extensively, including a global conference in Dublin with 22,000 other maniacs like myself and these guys.

Thank you, Warren Struhl (Polaroid Fotobar), Roy Abrams (RealConnex), Andy Sturner (Boatsetter), and Benny Aboud (Public Reputation) for setting the bar high, pushing us to our limits, and allowing us along for the ride. …”how does it get better than this?”

On a personal note, I have lived more, loved more, and listened more than in any one year I can remember.

I have seen my #1 son continue to pursue his coaching dreams in Cincinnati and win a conference title in his first year.

I have seen my # 2 son persevere in his first year of playing varsity football, showing confidence and humility while assuming a back up role, then getting his moment to shine vs St Thomas…

Come on man…”how does it get better than this?”

Taking a moment to get off the merry go round to reflect has been both refreshing and invigorating and, now, I ask you to do the same.

What are the highlights of your year?

What are the moments that you are most proud?

Ask yourself, “how does it get better than this?”

Just know this, “it does!”

2015 already has huge promise, our businesses continue to mature, our sales training and motivational practice reaches more and more folks, and we continue to develop and foster deeper and stronger relationships.

Now its time for us all to #getontheball