Yes indeed, it’s about time.

It’s always about time.

In this case, the time is now and time is right for me to start writing again.

When we last spoke, we were closing out a tremendous 2014, and in my Dec 31st post, I was left saying,

“where did the time go?”

As we set our goals for 2015, everyone, including yours truly, made resolutions and goals, and focused on the fact that time is money!

As I had mentioned last year, the commitment to write this blog every week was very ambitious, especially taking into consideration the increase in our “social selling” training and speaking engagements, for which I am constantly sharing my thoughts on the best of times and the worst of times.

This year has been jam packed, as we on boarded many new clients such as Toshiba and Enterprise Leasing, continued work with BankUnited and The Miami Marlins, was an invited keynote speaker in Nashville for Shell Oil Dealers and right here at home for Leadership Broward’s Leadership Summit.

Talk about having the time of my life!

Now those of you that know me, know that I am all about balance in my life, and nothing is more important than quality time.

Having said that ,I know that time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future.

So, as I sit here, realizing it is already March, and the end of the first quarter, I pushed myself to get back in the groove of sharing my thoughts, fully understanding that, there is no time like the present.

One of the many things that I hear in my travels is, especially when it comes to changing behavior is, “I don’t have the time.

I love when I hear this, because I have the perfect response, that many people do not either know or realize, and that is the fact that there is 86,400 seconds in every day, no more no less.

When someone says they don’t have the time, they are really saying that there is something else more important for them to do, so it’s a choice, or just a matter of time.

By now I hope you realize that time is of the essence!

Many of us have heard the advice, take it one day at a time, or take time to smell the roses, just know this, if you have a plan and stay focused, your success will come all in good time.

Unfortunately, we are running out of time for now, so I close by suggesting you spend your time wisely.

It feels good to be back and I hope to get back in some kind of routine for sharing my thoughts, only time will tell.

And that’s what Nudelberg says!

ps Oh by the way, remember to change your clocks, today is Daylight Savings time!