We are all familiar with the above term and its obvious counterpart – ordinary. I had a recent experience with one of my clients, TD Bank, and it drove home a “state of the union” point that I felt compelled to share.
Is there any business, product, or service that goes around telling you that their service is “ordinary”? Of course, not, right?

Yet, most of us have become so de-sensitized that we readily accept service that is ordinary or below satisfactory.

Think about the last time you had “extra-ordinary” service from any of the places you frequent and, unfortunately, the answer would be rarely or never.

How did this happen?

Is it the consumers fault or the businesses fault that we all too frequently accept behavior that is so less than what we want or expect, the ordinary has become the expected?

Well, sometimes, there is a shining star on either side of the fence that causes you to stop in your tracks, recognize excellence, and share it with the masses so that maybe we can turn the tide.

I, recently, had one of those experiences.

In short, we were engaged by TD Bank to offer some of our advice and guidance as it pertains to Selling in the New Millennium. On two occasions, I spoke to over 100 managers and executives and the feedback was awesome. (Couldn’t help plugging what I love to do.)

In fact, many, in each of those audiences, continue to follow me and my process of developing new business.

Here’s where the “tipping point’ occurred.

One of the payments we received was stolen from our corporate mailbox and fraudulently cashed.

So, technically, TD Bank did pay although, we did not receive the funds for our services.

They were very understanding and informed us that we needed to make a claim with the bank that cashed the check and they actually helped facilitate the process. Then, we had to sit back and wait.

Well as you might expect, the other bank, which we don’t need to name (Initials are WF – only missing the T), refused to cooperate and we were going to get stiffed.

That’s when President of Retail, Val Perez, stepped up and took charge.

He made a tough decision for TD Bank and did the right thing for On the Ball.


In one split second, they (he) did the extraordinary.

In a world that is so complacent and so willing to settle for mediocrity, they stuck to their principal of creating legendary experiences. And boy did they!

Thank you, Val Perez and the entire TD Bank team, for restoring faith in the good ole fashioned service model.

And that’s what Nudelberg Says.