It’s August and that must mean it’s time to go Back to School.

Whether it’s elementary, high school or college, parents and kids all across the globe are readying themselves to get back to the daily routine that prepares them for the future.

One particular tradition is the trip to the mall to buy new clothes.

I am a huge fan of first impressions and there are real, life- long lessons to be learned here.

Early on in our kids lives, we create the foundations of their personal brand by the clothing they choose to wear.

Clothes communicate to others who they are. What they wear may indicate their identity, mood, or social status.

This continues into our adult lives and may indicate their career, community or lifestyle.

Think of a T-shirt with a slogan, a business suit, a uniform, or ripped jeans and what they might reveal.

I recently took my youngest son Jake to pick out some dress clothes, His team, the Florida Gators, have a dress code when they travel, and they are asked to wear a sports coat and tie.

I did, like most other parents do, took control of the situation and started throwing clothing at him that I thought he should try on.

Hold on, what’s wrong with this picture?

He clearly knew what he liked, what style he felt most comfortable in and how he wanted to “show up”!

Boom! It dawned on me that after all the years of me giving him the benefit of my experience, he finally had developed  his own personal brand.

Now, he did take some guidance, (Michelle dresses us all) but he clearly knew what was a “fit” for him.

Personal branding is a major focus in today’s transparent world, and those that embrace who they are, and genuinely live it, will attract others just like them and create huge success.

The question now is no longer IF you have a personal brand, but if you choose to guide and cultivate the brand or to let it be defined on your behalf.

Start thinking of yourself as a brand and stay on the ball!

And that’s what Nudelberg says!