One question I get asked more than any other is “Is it easier or harder to be in sales today?”

Without hesitation, the answer is EASIER!

The internet has totally changed the way people buy goods and services as well as how sales professionals can and should interact with their prospects.

The big news is that selling in the new millennium is no longer about creating transactions, it’s more about creating relationships and the tools that are at our disposal have never been better.

Imagine how difficult it would be to work in sales without internet, email,  CRM, or mobile phone?

No thanks….(although, I did).

Imagine life without Google?

This would mean that most of us couldn’t even answer a question.

Sounds funny, but it’s true.

Have you used the app WAZE?

If you haven’t, you will after reading this.

Never be late or lost again. Sign me up!!!

There are so many new apps that have been created that all make it easier for us to do what we, as salespeople, do!

Can you sense the trend?

Even though there are so many new movements in sales today – social selling, account-based marketing, filling your funnel, flipping your funnel, outbound, inbound, inside – you have to start somewhere.

Here’s what we need to pay attention to – the internet and, specifically, social media  has created unprecedented access to decision makers and the world now revolves more on who you know that what you know.

For example, LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to personally connect with millions of professionals all around the world. Reconnecting with old friends, business associates, former colleagues, or high school classmates can happen 24 hours a day.

It’s your very own 24 hour networking function.

Something significant to know, there is a reason they call it “social media”.

It’s supposed to be fun!

Traditional networking is now more like socializing.

The key, no matter what sites you work within, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, is they all give you the ability to meet people and make it easier to connect to them based on common interests.

Forget ABC as Always Be Closing, it’s now Always Be Connecting.

Chances are that no matter what you are selling, if you could work with all the others who have the same interests as you, it would be easier to connect, to build a relationship, and then ultimately do business together.

Finding and building your tribe based on who you are, what you like, and what you stand for is the trend of the future and the new key to selling in the new millennium.

Finally, people do business with people they know, like, and trust…



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About: Steve Nudelberg is an author, entrepreneur, serial salesman, keynote speaker, sales trainer, social selling expert, and principal thinker. Creator of On the Ball – a company that invests time and talent in emerging businesses and corporate teams to help them grow. Steve is often hailed as an energetic powerhouse who infuses adrenaline into a room! His core philosophy is to ignite individuals and teams by enhancing their awareness about small, yet, powerful changes they can make to instantly sharpen individual performance.

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