No-Nonsense Customer Service

Let’s face it, does any company promote they are going to give you bad service? Of course not. To the contrary, every business uses service as a point of differentiation or a flat-out excuse to charge more money. I find it comical that, while everyone is promising this so-called “white glove” or “concierge-style” service, we [...]

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Of course we hire interns….

Intern… I recently got a call from a very good friend who inquired about an internship for his daughter who is attending school in Los Angeles. Below is the email I received from his daughter after our call. Name: LEFT OUT TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT Email Address: DITTO Subject: Internship Opportunities Message: Hi there! I [...]

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Quit “Should’ing” On Me….

A quick Google search of any topic you can imagine will bring up thousands of articles telling you what you should or shouldn't do. Just mention to someone that you are thinking about going to dinner and they will tell you “Oh, you should try this new restaurant or you should stay away from that [...]

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Hugh Hefner, Icon or Exploiter, And Why You Should Care!

This past weekend, I grabbed my son’s Godfather, Mark Kaminsky, and we took a road trip from West Palm Beach to Gainesville to visit with my son and catch the Gators play Vanderbilt. For those that don't know, Mark and I spent 8 years building a big business together, have enjoyed tremendous sales success, and [...]

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