A quick Google search of any topic you can imagine will bring up thousands of articles telling you what you should or shouldn’t do.

Just mention to someone that you are thinking about going to dinner and they will tell you “Oh, you should try this new restaurant or you should stay away from that place”.

Same for movies and TV shows, “Oh you should see the new Tom Cruise movie or you should stay away from the newest Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

In fact, the whole universe revolves around people “should’ing” on us!

Try this on for size:


I have spent my entire career focused on sales, salespeople, and business development and I am hear to tell you, nobody likes to get “should” on!

True relationship building, one of the keys to success in the new millennium, comes from actively listening to people and sharing your solution, idea, or experience when and if asked.

In many of my recent training events and in dealings with sales professionals from all over, I constantly hear them recite many reasons they believe a client or prospect “SHOULD” buy from them.

Guess what? What you think doesn’t matter.

As a big believer in the power of words and how you use them, choose them carefully.

Focus and listen to what your clients and prospects are asking for and you “should” have great success. Oops! I mean, you will have great success.

Try telling my friend, colleague, and fellow sales training professional Tim Goering what he “should” do and see what happens (clue, wear a helmet!).

And that’s what Nudelberg says…








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