It’s been a great week of content development reviewing and preparing for a great 4th quarter.

I spend so much time on the road speaking, training, and developing new business that sometimes you need downtime to review, prepare, and plan.

There is no substitute for preparation!

For many, this is the time of year where your mind can take two very distinct tracks; one where you put the pedal to the medal, add gasoline and crush your 2017 goals.

The other, which is very common, allows you to go on cruise control, start making excuses about Thanksgiving and Christmas coming right ahead, and take whatever hand you were dealt.

For me, success is always about mastering the basics, or the fundamentals, and focusing on the consistency that produces great results.

I find most sales professionals struggle with one major area, and that is finding the right answer for the obvious, and often asked, question, “What do you do?”

While the internet is full of great content for sales professionals to review, this is one of those subjects that goes untouched.

For most, they quickly say – Oh, I am a lawyer, accountant, teacher, mortgage broker, or candlestick maker.

Think of the last time you asked someone the same question and when they answer, “I sell insurance”, how long did it take you to run for the hills?

What a miss!

You have the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from the masses, and most jump right in the boat with everyone else.

The solution is quite simple.

As opposed to focusing on what you do, try focusing on what benefit or solution you are providing and, viola!, they may be interested and ask questions.

The key to winning in this game is when they ask questions like “that sounds cool, can you tell more?”

The more interest and intrigue you can create, the more relevant opportunities you get to educate and create new business.

When someone asks me that question, my response is “we invest time and talent to help businesses grow” and, more often than not, they respond with “very cool, how do you do that?”

Or, I could just say, “I’m in sales”.

How boring!

Once the door is open, only good things happen.

If you want to get on the ball, focus on your USP (your Unique Selling Proposition) to create genuine interest in the value you provide.

And that’s what Nudelberg says…