Each week I use this space to educate, motivate, and influence behavior in the hopes that by taking a series of small steps, everyone can gain momentum in their personal journey to success.

Much like Jerry Seinfeld called out simple idiosyncrasies in life, I too, as a student of the game of life, pay attention to simple observations that create powerful results.

My Rules of Engagement allow me to consistently measure my own behavior and unlock the secret to a life of success.

I am always preaching that success leaves clues and the signs are all around us.

I was recently in Charleston, and on my morning run, the street signs, office buildings, and movie marquis all told a story. I paid attention and documented it!

Music lyrics can do the same.

During one of my morning workouts, I was listening to a song by Armin Van Buuren (one of my favorites) called Alone.

One particular verse jumped out at me:

“Everyone’s connected but no one is connecting
The human element has long been missing”

With all the social media right at our fingertips and all the digital access, we have to each other, there is one specific skill set that is totally being ignored and that is the power of the face-to-face connection. Everywhere you go, people’s heads are down facing their phone.

In speaking and working with sales professionals all over the globe, there is a mad dash to master “social selling” and “personal branding” and, while I am certainly a proponent of that and constantly perfecting my own skill set in that area, there is no substitute for connecting with people on a human level.

Over and over, I see frustration when opportunity arises or, as I call it, you get an “at bat” only to strikeout with disappointment due to a lack of relationship-development skills.

Here are a few quick tips on how to develop relationship capital which will last forever.

  1. Make eye contact (I don’t trust those that can’t look me in the eye)
  2. Have a firm handshake (no dead fish please and no Incredible Hulk more like Goldilocks and baby bear – just right)
  3. Ask this one question “What’s your story?” (everyone has a story)
  4. Shut up and listen (Michelle says I still need work in this area, LOL)

As my good friend and fellow author Bruce Turkel recently wrote in his book, “Remember, it’s all about them”!!!

Focus on how you can deliver value, not sell them.

Connect with people on a personal, genuine, and authentic way and watch your stock rise.

And that’s what Nudelberg says






P.S. Check out the lyrics to the song “Alone” below