It’s the season of GRATITUDE. A time when we take a collective deep breath and reflect on all things we have to be grateful for.

While some of this is fairly pretentious and forced, if you can really develop a daily “attitude of gratitude”, not only just around the holidays, your life will be fuller and richer.

Rule # 6 in my Rules of Engagement speaks about “Count Your Blessings”. I took a play out of the incredible Tony Robbins playbook and I practice it every day. He taught me to focus on the emotions that will cause me to be the better me. I now spend 3 minutes every day thinking of 3 things, 3 people, or 3 situations I am grateful for and, boom, I am in a great head.

It’s simple stuff like the wind on my face or the view of the ocean or, more specifically, the lady in my life and my kids.

This process helps me eliminate anger and fear. Tony Robbins says “When you’re grateful, we all know there’s no fear or anger.” He continues with “you can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously.”

So, I live a life of gratitude every day.

This past weekend, I got to spend time with my son Marc and his family, including my grandson, and boy was I counting my blessings.

For those who follow me, one of my top priorities is being an obsessed father and grandfather. I have always treasured my role as mentor and motivator so, while enjoying time with my family is nothing new, this weekend went to another level.

My son is the Assistant Football Coach at Lafayette College and, while still very young, has over 10 years of experience.

Now, I don’t know that much about coaching football, although I do know a bit about coaching and mentoring salespeople.

The time has now come when my son and I can share our thoughts and see, very clearly, the parallels in what we both do for a living.

Talk about things coming full circle.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Friday night team meeting prior to the big rivalry game between Lafayette and Lehigh (they have only been playing this game for 150 + years).

As I watched my son address the 60 plus student-athletes, his words hit me so deeply I had to hold back the tears.

He focused on the word complete as we use it in real-life as well as football.

Complete your homework, complete a pass, being a complete person.

Complete as in school, football, family, personal life, finances, social life, and complete as in finish the game!

And further, not just knowing what to do or how to do it, but doing both of those things with unbelievable effort and passion.

It’s so true that most people have difficulty finishing or taking it over the goal line (couldn’t help myself).

So, the takeaway here (there is always a takeaway) is that the lessons are everywhere. Mentors and coaches are everywhere. Everyone needs someone to be accountable to and to help see their blind spots. For me, as a student of the game, learning is a way of life, and who knew I would be taking a lesson out of my son’s playbook.

I am overwhelmingly grateful for the relationship I have with my son, incredibly proud of the human being he has become, and fascinated at what an amazing coach he is.

In closing, I ask you – who is the coach in your life and who are you accountable to and, finally, are you grateful for the lessons learned?

Take this holiday to focus on how to be grateful daily. It’s a game changer.

And that’s what Nudelberg says!






Ps Watch out for Jake Nudelberg, with the challenges he has overcome in his life, he is going to be one hell of a coach. Can’t wait to take a lesson from him!