25 October 25, 2017

Of course we hire interns….

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Intern… I recently got a call from a very good friend who inquired about an internship for his daughter who is attending school in Los Angeles. Below is the email I received from his daughter after our call. Name: LEFT OUT TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT Email Address: DITTO Subject: Internship Opportunities Message: Hi there! I [...]

16 October 16, 2017

You do what???

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It's been a great week of content development reviewing and preparing for a great 4th quarter. I spend so much time on the road speaking, training, and developing new business that sometimes you need downtime to review, prepare, and plan. There is no substitute for preparation! For many, this is the time of year where [...]

10 October 10, 2017

Quit “Should’ing” On Me….

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A quick Google search of any topic you can imagine will bring up thousands of articles telling you what you should or shouldn't do. Just mention to someone that you are thinking about going to dinner and they will tell you “Oh, you should try this new restaurant or you should stay away from that [...]

3 October 3, 2017

Hugh Hefner, Icon or Exploiter, And Why You Should Care!

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This past weekend, I grabbed my son’s Godfather, Mark Kaminsky, and we took a road trip from West Palm Beach to Gainesville to visit with my son and catch the Gators play Vanderbilt. For those that don't know, Mark and I spent 8 years building a big business together, have enjoyed tremendous sales success, and [...]

18 September 18, 2017

Are You In The Zone???

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Are you in the zone? While in my Sunday Spin class, about halfway through the hour-long routine, the instructor blurted out, “Are you the zone yet?” The entire class was in a full on sweat, breathing heavy, and reveling in the high and intense motion of the workout. He was suggesting that after the warm-up, [...]

13 September 13, 2017

Sales Trends in 2017

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One question I get asked more than any other is “Is it easier or harder to be in sales today?” Without hesitation, the answer is EASIER! The internet has totally changed the way people buy goods and services as well as how sales professionals can and should interact with their prospects. The big news is [...]

1 August 1, 2017

It’s Personal……

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It’s August and that must mean it’s time to go Back to School. Whether it’s elementary, high school or college, parents and kids all across the globe are readying themselves to get back to the daily routine that prepares them for the future. One particular tradition is the trip to the mall to buy new [...]

26 June 26, 2017

Steve Nudelberg Publishes First Book – Confessions of a Serial Salesman

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West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 26, 2017 Steve Nudelberg, Principal Thinker of On the Ball Marketing, is excited to announce the release of his first book, Confessions of a Serial Salesman – 27 Rules for Influencers and Leaders that will change your life and business. As a career serial salesman, entrepreneur, and connector, Steve [...]

12 February 12, 2017

Extra Extra hear all about it

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We are all familiar with the above term and its obvious counterpart - ordinary. I had a recent experience with one of my clients, TD Bank, and it drove home a “state of the union” point that I felt compelled to share. Is there any business, product, or service that goes around telling you that [...]