Steve Nudelberg


Principal Thinker

Steve Nudelberg is an author, expert sales trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Steve created On the Ball – a company that invests time and talent in emerging businesses and corporate teams to help them grow.

Steve is often hailed as an energetic powerhouse who infuses adrenaline into a room!

His core philosophy is to ignite individuals and teams by enhancing their awareness about small, yet, powerful changes they can make to instantly sharpen individual performance. Steve’s 27 core Leadership Rules of Engagement within this book have been developed over decades of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership endeavors.

As proven by great teams throughout history, greatness is achieved through developing a process or a roadmap for success, something that allows for you to deal with the many obstacles and roadblocks that everyone endures.

Steve has a long history of sales success, mentoring, and leadership. After building and leading a winning national sales team for ABC Cellular, Steve found himself at a crossroads. In between jobs, he started receiving requests to match companies and personalities to sponsorship opportunities, primarily in the sports arena. This gave birth to the idea of founding his own sales and marketing company that offered sales strategy, messaging, brand identity, sales and leadership training, and Arrangemenship™ (business development) as well as other services.

Today, the company focuses on injecting high octane ideas and relationship capital into businesses to help teams transform and accelerate.

Companies that On the Ball has partnerships with include:,, Ronn Motors, GrapeStars, and General American Capital Partners, among others. On the Ball’s list of clients include: Toshiba Business Solutions, BankUnited, The Miami Marlins, Steiner Sports, OnFire Books, Enterprise Holdings, Transworld Business Advisors, and Advaion.

Steve’s specialty within organizations centers on creating sales processes, sales acceleration and development, the art of Building Relationships, and storytelling to make conversations engaging. He wrote his first book in 2017, Confessions of a Serial Salesman. Steve lives in Florida and travels the world, often on adventures and sporting events with his special lady, Michelle Esposito.