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Confessions of a Serial Salesman


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These rules that have taken over 40 years to cultivate are being offered to you for $1.00 a rule

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Have you ever wondered what separates a top performing sales person from the rest of the pack?

  • Top sales professionals know that the difference between a good and great performance requires a set of disciplines and best practices that will drive you to new levels of success.
  • In most cases, it’s because they apply many of these best practices in their daily routine.

These rules and/or actions are called the Rules of Engagement and are Standard Operating Procedures that have been cultivated from over 40 years of sales experience and relationships with top performers all over the world.

7 reviews for Confessions of a Serial Salesman

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Read the book loved it, on point and correct advice.

    Liked each section and the pages for notes!


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Need a good read to becoming a better You? I just finished reading an amazing book by Steve Nudelberg- I was honored to meet Steve in 2012 when I was heading the Atlantic Coast Fundraising campaign in the federal government – the world’s largest workplace campaign. Steve spoke to my volunteers fundraisers and we created another year of record breaking results in our campaign history of 20+ years! Having heard Steve’s sales training session, I couldn’t pass it up to be inspired again when I saw Steve’s release of his new book!!

    Unlike most renounced sales coaches who are usually self-absorbed, Steve’s approach to sales is down to earth, practical and sincere- along with the fundamental footworks to make one a successful salesperson!

    For a long time, I struggled to call myself a salesperson as to avoid any association to the negative connotations of the common stereotype of salesperson. Instead I take pride in my business approach in putting My Client first and to providing values in the process such as short response time, knowledge of the products and honest transparency in the process. Steve’s book helps me reconciling this internal struggle and proudly accept that I’m a salesperson with all the values that I offer to my clients. Steve offers many timeless advice in his new book as to being a successful person (not exclusively to salespersons). I love reading Steve’s book as it’s to the point, practical, relational and is written from his experience and his heart!! He summarized the key components to be successful in life in short, easy-to-read chapters, without any unnecessary fluffs just to add more pages to ramble on the same idea. I threw away many books and materials from those high profile famous sales coaches because of their cheesy and childish approach to sales and their self absorbed public images! I connect with Steve throughout his book as it fits my personality and my values! No cheesy & childish idea like putting on clown costumes to get your prospects’ attention is needed! After all, I’m implementing Steve’s 30 days challenge in my daily routine and to make these tips a part of me in my lifestyle to influence!!

    Thanks Steve!! Great book!! You are truly a phenomenal person of great integrity!!

    I will recommend Steve’s book to anyone (not just sales person) who want to live a driven-lifestyle that builds on genuine, sincere & thoughtful to cultivating relationships!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Having been in sales and sales management for over 20 years I have read numerous books on sales and management techniques and the like. What I love about Steve’s book is that he provides 27 distinct things that you can incorporate into your daily repertoire to improve yourself not only in sales but in becoming a better person, friend, spouse, parent, etc. Plus, knowing Steve personally I can tell you that he lives and breathes every single technique and teaches these to his clients. I highly recommend that to all sales personnel because there is something that you will be able to take away, no doubt!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Loved the book, keep reading it again and again.
    Tell Me Something Good – best tip of the book. Started using it, professionally and socially. Definitely gets the conversation flowing.
    Also book is great self motivation for me. Not getting any of that since my MYORMARK days!!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This book is terrific – it’s easy to read and the author’s voice comes through so clearly I can almost hear it. I am a huge fan of “Noodles” – I remember clearly the first day I met him circa 1999 when he was a one man show working out of his house. But even back then it was as inevitable as day following night that he was the path to bigger and bigger deals and amazing success. Steve has poured as much of his intense personality, sincerity and drive as humanly possible into this book, which is why it’s about so much more than just “sales.” Advice like “make your bed” and “drink something green” was also striking, because it demonstrates Steve’s emphasis on the little details that, in the aggregate, add up to something so much larger. I highlighted and underlined the crap out of the book and have a growing list of items to implement. I highly recommend this book on at least two levels to any business owner/entrepreneur or sales person, or anyone else who 1. wants a “Master Class” on how to position him or herself as a thought leader and authority (not only from the info in the book, but the book itself is a great example) and/or 2. needs a kick in the pants and shot of motivation, “Noodles-style!” 🙂

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    read it and loved it. Thanks Steve. I love that its practical rules that have big impacts. Some we have all heard before but your stories and explanations make them come alive (again). I especially like Rule #11 and pick 3 wins per day. What a great way to live day after day.

    Thanks Steve!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve not only motivates you, he provides easy to digest to-do’s that improve your life. I was expecting sales training. What I got was rules to guide how I approach each day.

    After listening to the audio version (twice while taking notes), my batteries are fully charged. Get this book.

    Highly recommended!

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