“We have engaged Steve Nudelberg on various occasions to assist us with sales training, strategic planning and team building. In each and every engagement, Steve Nudelberg has met and greatly exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend him. He is “on the ball”, greatly effective, and can certainly help bring any team to the next level.”
Rosary Plana Falero, Senior Vice President at Marquis Bank

“Steve Nudelberg defines the term “Thinktank”. He has an energy and passion matched by few in the advertsing and marketing industry. If you want a guy (and a company) to think outside the box, a guy that can get results, then draft Steve for your team. Trust me, you’d rather have him on your side than on the side of your competitor.”

Wayne Stofsky
“Steve Nudelberg is an incredible motivator. What impresses me most about him is that he is genuine in wanting to share his gift. I walked away from his training motivated, excited, and refreshed and with a ton of ideas that I cant wait to share with my team!! “
Debra Shields, Commercial Lender/ Vice President at Englewood Bank & Trust

“Energy, passion, and results. For anyone serious about marketing, branding, efficient time management, bottom line results, and networking – Steve Nudelberg and On the Ball are a no brainer.”

Wayne Schuchts
“If you want new, creative ideas that can help change your Company’s dynamics…. call on Steve Nudelberg. Steve and his team of strategic thinkers will provide new ideas and recommendations that can solve any business challenge. It’s truly refreshing to work with someone like Steve = reputable and dependable.”
Paige Brough, Hearex
“I’ve known Steve Nudelberg for over ten years. He is a master, idea generator, motivator, and creative guru. You can’t help but feel energized after spending time with Steve. He has a unique talent of helping clients get out of their own way. He looks at your business upside down and sideways to come up with the best branding and marketing solutions. Steve understands the power of connecting people and creating meaningful relationships. He adds value to any situation just by showing up.”
Mary Harris, BankUnited

“Steve Nudelberg is an astute, intuitive, and pragmatic businessman with a thoughtful and kind personality. He truly is ‘”on the ball” all the time and his creative and humorous approach to EVERYTHING is a true inspiration.”

Rita Steinfeld, Regev
“Steve Nudelberg is a force of nature. His ebullient personality mixed with an incredible sales acumen make him a terrific partner for my company. On the Ball is made up of well-balanced and thoughtful people who like to get their hands dirty and really understand our business – both the strong points and the challenges. We are very happy with the results and hope to be doing business together for many years to come.”
Eric Lebersfeld, Capitol Lighting

“Steve Nudelberg and On the Ball are the first marketing company we’ve used who actually “GET IT”. Wonderful people to work with; they are pro-active and on top of their game. Steve has a magnetic personality and adds flavor to every endeavor.”

Richard Zegelbone, Tropical Roofing
“When you are looking to make a quantum leap in your results, Steve Nudelberg is your guy. I’ve worked with Steve throughout my career and his energy, integrity, and creativity are second-to-none. Steve has helped me, guided me, and re-directed my business. He’s a true professional and, even more important, he’s an amazing human being.”
Dan Lier, Author Speaker
“Capitol Lighting engaged On the Ball at a critical time with a difficult task. Steve Nudelberg and his team are tasked with turning our organization’s culture from an “operations” focus to a “sales” focus. Steve and his team have engaged my team at every level from Regional Managers to Store Managers to front line Salespeople. We are in the process of turning our 87 year old 150 person company into a true sales machine. OTB’s dedication to this project has been very personal. Steve makes me feel as if we are his only client. He is a true “teammate” in every sense of the word. Every single person he comes into contact with feels the same way. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. His ideas are actionable and effective. They call themselves a marketing company but that really doesn’t scratch the surface. Our engagement has morphed continuously as Steve uncovers new ways he can use his skills to contribute. He has become a trusted adviser to all of our executives, including me. I highly recommend OTB.”
Kenneth Lebersfeld, Capitol Lighting
“Steve Nudelberg brings energy, creativity, and insight to every client. He and his team at On the Ball create innovative campaigns and deliver them through non-traditional channels and communications. He is, also, results-oriented and is willing to put his money and his reputation on the line to ensure success.”
John Calia, Vistage Chair
“Steve Nudelberg is constantly one step ahead of the latest trends and emerging technologies. He and his team are model professionals and constantly go above and beyond for their clients.”
Anthony Jabara, Orange Bowl
“Steve Nudelberg provided our staff with great insight and perspective to a number of challenges we face on a daily basis. From sales/service training to career coaching, Steve has always been a great asset to our organization.”
Eric Tomasini, Florida Panthers

“Steve Nudelberg has been a joy to work with on our re-branding initiatives. He has been able to quickly understand the robustness of our offering and our focus on growing companies. He creatively developed messaging and events that will help us convey our authentic desire to be a major partner in our target markets. I would highly recommend him to companies that need a strategist and a company than can effectively execute and dramatize those strategies.”

Steve Haley, Founder of Celsius

“Steve Nudelberg delivers with a real life approach on what matters-in not only your growth at work, but in how you live your life everyday. His simple yet powerful process evokes you to look inside yourself and know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to do!”

Darlene Eckert, BankUnited

“Steve Nudelberg does some work with BankUnited and I had the pleasure of going to a couple of his trainings. He was without a doubt dynamic! He clearly had a passion for sales and if more people had his energy, I think many of the world’s problems would be solved. Steve was a very impressive individual. I look forward to more of his trainings. Thank you, Steve.”

Elizabeth, BankUnited

“Enterprise Fleet Management had the pleasure working with Steve Nudelberg for the past several months during our corporate trainings.I have come across very few people that have as much passion, enthusiasm, and drive to make others successful. If you are looking for a spark and innovative perspectives on ways to improve your companies brand, look no further than Steve Nudelberg and On the Ball Marketing!”

Kenneth Tyson

“Steve Nudelberg was the Keynote Speaker to my Mastermind group of Business Owners called the “Board of Directors”. Steve’s topic was “Selling in the new Millennium.” He did a wonderful job as the speaker to the group. I did a survey after the meeting to each of the members attending and they all rated him a “5” which equals Excellent. I would highly recommend any organization to hire Steve as a Keynote Speaker and/or his firm, “On the Ball”, if you are interested in growing your sales and marketing for your organization.”

Robert S. Curry

“Steve Nudelberg and his team recently provided a training series for my sales professionals. We had a blast! Steve brought E3 (energy, enthusiasm, entertainment) with each of his topics. We learned about topics from how to better use tools like LinkedIn to how to keep self-motivated. I personally enjoyed seeing Steve’s everyday work ethic woven together with time tested sales techniques using new sales and referral methods. We’ve already seen some positive impact on our results. Thanks Steve!”

Brett Frazee, Enterprise Fleet Management
“Steve, thanks so much for mentoring. You are spot-on with your recommendations for Business development! You and your team are AWESOME, getting great results! Look forward to our next training!”
Melanie Jolles, BankUnited

“Steve, in regards to your seminar, “Selling in the New Millennium, LinkedIn Training”, I wanted to say, Great seminar! Wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be but let me explain. I came ready to get some insight into how to market/advertise/sell my business on LinkedIn. What I learned was direct selling on LinkedIn is SPAM! The real selling is utilizing my network to get to contacts in their network that could use my services. Easy!!! I’ve been doing that to an extent all along but didn’t put two and two together. Thought I was missing something. Glad I’m not. Thanks for putting this on. I enjoyed that it was concise, to the point, no fluff, deliver the information, and let’s get to work! Thanks again”

Daniel Petershagen

“I recently took a three hour LinkedIn Workshop with Steve Nudelberg and Zachary Stein, On the Ball Marketing. Steve and Zachary are dynamic presenters who mean what they say and say what they mean!!! I already implemented some of the tools they shared and experienced a boost on my LinkedIn page in less than one week. Thanks Steve and Zachary. I took your suggestions seriously.”

Lisa R. Delman, Junior Achievement
“Your presentation was insightful and extremely useful. Energy Personified!”
Richard Panchookian, Toshiba
“I have had the pleasure to work with Steve Nudelberg for about a year now. In Steve’s discovery process, he found out what my passions were and how I could combine both my passion and my business into one. Because of Steve’s influence, I have started my own networking company, Executive18, for high-end executives in the Tampa Bay market. Although we are still in the infancy stage, we have already generated a lot of enthusiasm in the community and have referrals to show from it. I would highly recommend Steve to be your go to person if you want to grow your business.”
Ryan James O'Connor, BankUnited

“Steve Nudelberg is a great motivator and knows what it takes to help you be successful. His strategies get you to focus on areas that make an impact with repetition. His business development services will make a difference in organizations for many years to come.”

Brett Weisbrot, Florida Panthers

“Steve Nudelberg’s seminar was both motivational and inspirational. I found his ideas to be practical and applicable to my day-to-day routine. I have already started to implement his suggestions into my everyday life and have begun my first thirty-day challenge. I am just now beginning to tap into the power of LinkedIn.”

Christine Cantlay

“I had the privilege of listening to Steve Nudelberg speak at Toshiba’s LEAD Conference in Orlando, May 2017, and Steve’s knowledge of the social media universe is unparalleled. In the brief time that I listened to Steve, I realized on how large of a market is reachable through all of our social media platforms. I know that it gave me enough insight to go back and revamp our companies social media presence to hopefully drive more revenue and reach more customers that I never thought was possible. I highly recommend buying Steve’s book and I highly recommend listening to Steve speak if you ever have the chance.”

Tom Barracato, Toshiba

“Steve Nudelberg is what I call the guru of professional connections. He can and does help me get warm introductions for new biz opportunities and makes it seems effortless. The most interesting angle is that it is not industry specific. It seems as if he knows someone of significance in so many industries. I think there is a campaign somewhere, “The most Connected Man in the universe! Yea, I can get you connected to someone there.”

Byron Dennis
“Passion, driven, and engaging come top of mind when describing Steve Nudelberg. After sitting in a few of Steve’s presentations, it is impossible to not walk away with something tangible to apply each time, both personally and professionally. His ideas have shaped the way that our team approaches sales calls and made a difference in their results. A true motivator who “gets it” and knows what it takes to be successful at work and life!”
Lauren Nanni, BankUnited